Plant Health Care

Environmentally Friendly Insect and Disease Control

Spring and Fall Spray – Non-toxic Horticultural Oil, or Dormant Oil, (NOFA Certified) for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control and other pests; suffocates overwintering egg masses of the adelgid, spider mites, scale and aphids; adds luster to leaves of shiny leafed plants; used on evergreens and ornamentals.

Compost Tea Applications – April through November (NOFA Certified) Fresh brewed blend of liquid beneficial bacteria and fungi for spraying new foliage; natural plant fungicide and insect repellant; helps to control diseases on shade and ornamental trees and shrubs. You can view our Plant Health Calendar for details.  Learn more

Plant health care calendar

Tree Injection – April through November – Arborjet Tree Injection Systems for 911 insect and disease control; minimally invasive, environmentally friendly tree injection method. Arborjet’s closed system assures quick, efficient and effective delivery of the compounds directly into the tree protecting the family, the applicator and the environment.

NOFA Organic Land Care Accredited ProfessionalLiquid Organic Fertilization (NOFA Certified) –April through November – made from natural, organic materials and is a concentrated blend of humus, enzymes, organic acids, bacteria, growth auxins, vitamins and minerals; designed to create optimal growth conditions, while augmenting the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stress, disease and insects.

Anti-desiccant Foliar Application – October through December – winterkill protection for trees and shrubs; application covers the leaves, branches, twigs and buds with non-toxic Pineolene (active ingredient pine resin) and prevents water loss and dieback from harsh weather. Read an advisory


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