Organic Product List

Organic Fertilization Products

  • Ag Foundation – Liquid application with 12% humic acid with 77 colloidal minerals added; increases beneficial microbial activity and improves moisture retention
  • Ez-Cal – Liquid product made up of calcium and nitrate chelated with humic, ulmic and fulvic acid; improves moisture retention, soil structure and aeration
  • Gene’s Green – Chelated and complexed plant nutrients consisting of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, soluble potash, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc sulphates; promotes turf’s deep green color
  • Norwegian Kelp –Stimulates root growth for zone 5 plants
  • Enhance (Crop Thruster) –Soil Conditioner made up of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, cobalt, iron, copper, and molybdenum; provides nutrients and acts as natural fungicide
  • Dextrose – Soil food and weed seed inhibitor
  • LM-32 (Min Boost) – Foliar spray of liquid fulvic acid with 77 colloidal micronutrients; improves moisture retention, decomposes thatch and improves soil structure
  • Spectrum – a mix of 24 species of live beneficial soil micro-organisms that prevent the growth of root pathogens, release stored nutrients and converts organic matter into humus
  • H2O2 (35% food grade hydrogen peroxide) – promotes oxygen in the soil and acts as natural fungicide
  • Nutra Green – Foliar nutrient spray made up of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, soluble potash, magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc
  • Bio Start – Granular product made up of humic acid, calcium, iron, phosphoric acid, and sulfur; holds nutrients in the top part of the soil, promotes beneficial microbial activity
  • Bio Starter – Plus – Granular product made up of humic acid, calcium, iron, phosphoric acid, sulfur and bacteria; releases stored nutrients and promotes beneficial microbial activity
  • Soil Science – Granular product made up of potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, soy
  • meal, soft rock phosphate, urea, gypsum, kelp, iron, dextrose and soil bacteria; improves soil structure, moisture retention and aeration
  • Soil Conditioner – Granular product made up of humic acids derived from humic shale
  • ore; promotes a rich base of nutrients and minerals; improves physical characteristics of soil
  • Limestone – calcitic lime in pelleted form; essential for soil pH correction
  • Earthworm Castings – High concentration of plant and root growth hormones, nematodes
  • and beneficial microbes immediately available to promote soil biology
  • Pelletized Compost – Organic compost formed into lightweight pellets; promotes soil
  • biology including beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Paramagnetic Rock Dust – Trace mineral fertilizer from naturally occurring rock, ground into dust and pelletized; draws oxygen into the soil and helps eliminate disease

Organic Weed and Insect Controls

  • Horticultural Oil  – or dormant oil; same basic agent found in baby oil and body lotions; suffocates overwintering egg masses of the adelgid, spider mites, scale and aphids; adds luster to leaves of shiny leafed plants; used on evergreens and ornamentals
  • Bt – Biological bacterial spray for controlling leaf-feeding caterpillars
  • Nature’s Glory Weed and Grass Killer – made up of vinegar and lemon juice components
  • Garlic Barrier Mosquito and Insect Repellant –concentrated garlic juice; used to control mosquitoes and other insects, deer and some small animals; odorless in minutes
  • Hot Pepper Wax – Insect repellant made from hot cayenne peppers; used to control aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, lace bugs and leafhoppers
  • Neem – Potassium soaps derived from the botanical oils of Indian Neem Tree seeds; controls insects and spider mites
  • Compost Tea – Fresh brewed blend of liquid beneficial bacteria and fungi for spraying new foliage; natural plant fungicide and insect repellant; helps to control diseases on shade and ornamental trees and shrubs

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