Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Natural Organic Materials

Our liquid organic fertilizer is made from natural, organic materials and is a concentrated blend of humus, enzymes, organic acids, bacteria, growth auxins, vitamins and minerals. This product is designed to create optimal growth conditions, while augmenting the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stress, disease and insects.

Myccorrhizal Fungi

In addition, our blend also breaks up compacted soils allowing for greater oxygen exchange and a better environment for mycorrhizal fungi to grow. Mycorrhizal fungi are an essential part of healthy plants, promoting root growth and providing a natural defense against diseases and pests. Unfortunately the number of this beneficial fungi in the urban forest soil is often low.

Nutrients for Healthy Tree and Shrubs

With liquid organic fertilizer, you add much-needed nutrients to our seriously depleted soils as well as contribute to the overall health of your trees or shrubs.


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