Tree Doctors Make House Calls

Tree Doctors Make House Calls

The trees along your streets, on your property, and in your local parks make up an urban forest that deserves your attention. Many of our larger trees are suffering from neglect and many newly planted trees are not surviving their first few years.

Trees Get Stressed Too

The fact is, unless we protect our trees, a majority of our majestic trees will disappear within twenty to thirty years. Newly planted trees will never reach the grandeur of our majestic trees today. With the stresses and strains of air pollution, soil compaction, construction injury, limited water and nutrient availability, and because many large growing trees are planted in confined spaces, trees need extra assistance to maintain the good health and vigor that we require of our urban trees.

Mother Nature and the Environment

Mother Nature can also cause stress to trees with a summer drought or a devastating spring snowstorm. Much like a healthy human who is better able to resist disease, a healthy tree or shrub has a natural resistance to environmental stress, disease and insect pests.

Call Early. Be Proactive

Typically however, an arborist is called after a tree is in a state of decline, and usually it is too late. Once a prominent tree is gone, the average lifespan of a replacement tree or of a newly planted tree growing curbside in a tree pit is only seven years!


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