Common Tree Problems

Common Tree Problems

The following is just a sampling of a few symptoms of tree and shrub problems, which can put the plant into a stressed condition. Weakened trees are much more susceptible to insect problems and disease. Each year has its own weather chemistry, which causes certain problems, but most problems can be attributed to the soil – contamination, depletion or compaction. Our urban forest soils are only 5% organic matter, while forest soil is 50%. At Boston Tree Preservation we have found that by amending the soil with organics, humates, vitamins and minerals, you can augment the health of the tree to ward off insect pests and disease. For a complete assessment of your trees or shrubs, consult a professional arborist.





Chlorotic Leaves

Drought Organic Fertilizer
Soil deficiencies Compost tea
Winter kill

Failure to Flower

Shady location Proper Pruning
Root competition Organic Fertilizer
Soil deficiencies Compost Tea
Late frost
Improper pruning


Drought Stress Irrigation
Disease Organic Fertilizer
Insect pests Compost Tea


Winterkill Irrigation
Lack of soil organics Organic Fertilizer
Poor water table Irrigation


Too much rain Organic Fertilizer
Weak hybrid Compost Tea

Evergreen Browning

Wind burn Organic Fertilizer
Extreme Low Temp
Salt Spray Damage
Poor location

Branch Dieback

Winterkill Organic Fertilizer
Declining roots
Improper branch structure

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