Going Green

Boston Tree Preservation is all about ‘Going Green’

BTP Voted as the #1 Eco-Friendly Tree Care Company by Tree Care Magazine

Boston Tree Preservation’s commitment to organic and environmentally friendly programs for the landscape has further expanded to include a commitment as a company to reduce carbon emissions and lessen our footprint on the planet. We want to do our part to help preserve the earth for present and future generations.

Our Compost Tea Production

TCIA’s “Profiles in Agriculture” magazine article features Boston Tree Preservation’s efforts in going green.

We produce our organic compost tea fertilizers at the BTP facility from the castings of 5 million worms in our worm farm.

Our Biodiesel Plant

We converted our fleet of 30 diesel trucks and sales vehicles to biodiesel fuel. In partnership with Whole Foods and local restaurants, we make biodiesel at our facility with their used vegetable oil. This will considerably lessen our carbon emissions as well as promote community through collaboration with local businesses.

Our Wood Burning Stove Operation

We heat our entire 10,000 square foot facility with wood, an obvious byproduct of our business, in an energy efficient, state-of-the art woodstove.

We have installed a state-of-the-art wood stove that heats our entire 10,000 square foot facility.

Additional Green Activities

We renovated our offices with green building supplies biodegradable flooring made from linseed, wood fibers and cork; odorless paint for the walls; low flush toilets; full spectrum lighting; and sustainable bamboo accessories.

We recycle all woodchips for energy in neighboring bioplants.

We recycle all paper products, bottles and cans.

We are keeping our first honey bee hive. Honey and bee pollen are not only highly nutritious and medicinal, but with Colony Collapse Disorder so prevalent today, every home should have one.

We are working towards developing a green roof by planting giant pumpkins on the roof, which will absorb heat and sound, save energy, and provide aesthetic appeal.

We invite you to visit Boston Tree Preservation for a tour of the facility. School groups of all ages are welcome to visit the worm farm and biodiesel maker. Please call 781-729-0095 if you have questions or are interested in a tour. We welcome the opportunity.


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